About our Tours:

Hi my name is Hanno Parker, I started trout fishing in my late teens, and I fell in love with the sport rather quickly, mainly fishing around Noojee (west Gippsland) area.  I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with other people

There are so many pristine creeks and rivers in and around Noojee, we can do lure fishing, bait fishing or a mixture of both.  About half an hour’s drive from Noojee is Blue Rock Lake, a fantastic fishery holding Australian bass, redfin, trout, eels, and carp.

Our most popular fishing though is wading the rivers (my favorite type of fishing) where we can teach you the basics and fundamentals of wading the rivers for wild trout.  We don’t get the biggest but there are millions of wild trout to catch, and we can get some bigger models up to the 2 kilo mark. For those interested in learning to fly fish, I don’t personally fly fish, but we can take an experienced fly fisherman.  As long as you can cast, we can help you learn how to read the river, where to cast, etc.

We Have a Zoleo Global Satellite Communicator, Snake bite kit + First Aid Kit and I also have a first aid level 2 certificate.

Fishing Tour Pricing:

Half-day sessions (3-4 hours) one-on-one starting at $250

Whole day sessions (2 by 3-4 hour sessions) one-on-one starting at $450

Family trips start at $350 for 3- 4 hours sessions for two adults and up to 4 children.

Full day (2 by 3-4 hour sessions) family session starting at $700 for two adults and up to 4 children.

With all fishing tours, we can provide equipment for the session which is an extra cost depending on how many people we take, the prices vary.

Bush Walking Tour Pricing:

Also, we do bush walking starting at $150, which contains two separate walks, along the walks we talk about the different types of trees and fauna, old historic buildings etc, these walks take 2 to 3 hours.

For larger groups of up to 10 people we charge $50 per person, and as always also include lunch and basic drinks.