Mepps Aglia-e Brite Size 2 Spinner C PVB2RO 25


Stand out with Aglia-e Brite!

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The Aglia-e Brite are new spinners that include two major developments: the intensity of the chromatic signal of their blade and the attractiveness of the soft coloured rubber ‘strike’ bead mounted on their hook. Their chromatic intensity is based on the action of the new ‘Brite’ pigments on the blade, which are UV enhanced and applied on a Silver-Mirror under layer, reflecting and intensifying the coloured radiation they emit.

When pulsating under water they create a powerful burst of colour, designed to ignite the eye of the predatory fish and prompt their attack reflex. The soft bead ‘e-Attractor’ is an appetizing sphere, placed on the hook, both giving consistency to the ‘Brite’ of the blade and creating a strategic bite target for the approaching predator.

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